Below are a few of our Green Living achievements:

  • All apartment communities have implemented recycling programs, some have begun composting.
  • Significantly reduced energy usage by retrofitting lighting with occupancy sensors and CFL and LED fixtures and bulbs.
  • Upgraded many landscaping irrigation systems with low flow drip systems to conserve water and have begun using a landscaping mulch that is made from 100% recycled, Bay Area-sourced yard trimmings, food compost, and lumber debris.
  • Retrofitted windows with Low-E glass which reflects outside heat during the summer months and retains interior heat in the winter months, thus reducing cooling and heating requirements.
  • All interior and exterior paint used releases low levels of volatile organic compounds, thus minimizing impact on air quality.
  • Installed Energy Rated appliances.
  • All of our apartment communities are located near AC Transit stops and BART stations, thus reducing the dependence on car travel.  (make AC Transit a hyperlink to: and BART a hyperlink to: