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Tips on Asking a Friend to Help You Move


Asking a friend to help you move can always be an awkward conversation. Not very many people like packing and moving, I don’t even think professional movers like doing it! But when a friend or family member asks for the help, we tend to feel the need to oblige, unless we can think of a quick excuse of course. Here a few tips to make the moving experience more efficient and enjoyable when asking friends for help:

Set honest expectations

People like to know what they are getting themselves into. Properly assess what you need their help with and how much time it will take. Be upfront in relaying this information when asking for help.


Provide proper notice

Don’t ask for help the day before or day of. People will most likely say no. It’s best to ask at least two or three weeks in advance.

Obtain confirmation confirm

Remember to send a reminder to your friend the day before to confirm that they are still planning on helping you and what time they will be there.


sand clock
Don’t waste people’s time sand clock

If you asked your friend to arrive at a specific time be all packed up and ready for them at that time.

Make sure your vehicle is “move ready”

A “move ready” vehicle is gassed up and the trunk is cleared of all non-moving items before your friend arrives. There’s no reason to be restricted of valuable moving space because you center your jumper cables, a big wad of reusable grocery bags, or last year’s Christmas presents that you’ve been planning on returning in your trunk or the back seat of your car. It’s best to clear everything out ahead of time.

car trunk

Keep everyone fed and hydrated
Buying your friends lunch and cold beverages can pay dividends on a long, stressful day.

Offer a reward for your friend’s time

You’ll most likely need to reward your friends somehow for helping you. Treat them to a nice meal, offer to help them move, throw them a party, run an errand for them, offer to babysit their kids. Oh, and cold hard cash works well too!


thank you
Say thank you

Sometimes in the thick of moving you can forget to tell your friend how much you appreciate their help. Remember to thank them again a week later after you are fully settled in.